MoJo Monday: Joy on the Sick Days

Have you got your MoJo on today?  I confess that I really don’t.  I was up from 3 to 5 this morning with a sick little girl, and we’re already on our second DVD of the day at 11 AM.  It’s a sick day.  The Young Christian Academy for Girls is officially closed, and we’re just passing the time until this bug blows through.


I actually feel pretty blessed in the sickness department.  My kids don’t get sick that often (well, unless you count a runny nose, we’re rarely completely snot-free) and when they do, they’re really troupers.  Last night after her third round of throwing up (I had coached her through the first two), Pippa just climbed down from her top bunk and curled up on the floor with her bowl and slept the rest of the night there.  What a love!

For me, though, the hardest part of having sickness in the house is the isolation.  Today, like on Friday when Bea was unwell, I’ve had to cancel plans to get the girls together with friends to play .  And no friends for girls means no friends for Mommy.  I’m already fretting in my mind about how far into our week we will be quarantined, how many more plans will have to be canceled, how much longer I will be stuck in the house.  Is that the most selfish thing you’ve ever heard?

Nevertheless, the Lord called to my mind a verse I am thankful to have memorized at youth group summer camp many moons ago.

James 1:2-4 says this (NIV):

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

I hesitate even to call a little bit of seasonal sickness a trial, knowing the far worse illnesses and situations others have to endure.  Yet God can use even this relatively trivial trial for His glory and my good!

Do I really believe He has  my sanctification in mind when I am weary from a long night spent with a little girl and her bowl?  Do I trust Him that He has a good and holy purpose for me having a day at home instead of at a friend’s house today? Yes!  And I long to give him glory and thanks in the midst of it.

But… ummm… I should probably get off the computer and go spend time with my kids if I’m going to  find that holy purpose.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “MoJo Monday: Joy on the Sick Days

  1. Thanks for sharing. What a privilege to be the most wanted nurse-eh? Will pray for creativity with the rest of your brood while one or the other has the bug!

  2. Hey Jodi!
    Sorry Pippa’s sick. Hope she’s on the mend today. I know exactly how you feel – with four kids it’s a little daunting – if every child gets the bug and it last 2 days & then Samuel and I both get it & it takes us each 2 days to get better – we could be holed up for 2 weeks:) And what if it goes around again? We might never get out of the house. There’s a lady at our church whose daughter has problems with her immune system and she can rarely get out with her. I’ve just come to realize exactly what you said – God’s got it all figured out and He knows what I need to learn. I think I need Mommy socialization time, but He knows I need to slow down and hang out with my family or pay a little more attention to my house or realize how very dependent we are on Him for every breath that we breathe.

  3. Oh I hope she’s feeling better soon! We went through the whole sickness thing for weeks in October – and I know what you mean about the isolation. I tagged along with a friend while she was grocery shopping last week on my birthday – and had an amazing time. It was just so good to be out of the house, I didn’t really care where I was. 🙂

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