MoJo Monday: Laughter Is the Best Medicine

IMG_7866Happy Monday!  Today I’m considering the obvious: kids are funny, and life with kids is full of laughter.   But I need your help!

While I laugh outloud with my kids dozens of times a day,  I seem to sit down to blog about it and go completely blank.  Every time.

So I’m setting an assignment for all of us.

My assignment: By dinnertime today, I am going to come back and update this post with a hilarious anecdote or quote.  You are going to laugh so hard that you won’t be able to stop smiling for days!  (No pressure, Jodi.)

Your assignment: You have until Saturday, because I’m that nice (And yes, for you really observant types who actually check back on my blog after you’ve read it once: that did used to say Wednesday.  I’m even nicer than I thought!).  In the comments or in an e-mail to me, tell me something hilarious (or even just slightly amusing) that your kids say or do in the next couple days.  Something you wouldn’t mind me sharing.  If you don’t have kids, hilarious anecdotes about pets, co-workers or life in general are also welcome, but let’s just make sure none of them are too embarrassing for anyone, okay?

My hope is that the very exercise of trying to notice and remember these happy moments will help us all to appreciate them more.  And if nothing else it will get me some comment love.  (Oops, did I just type that outloud?) More to follow!

*   *   *   *   *

So, I discovered today that most of the things that make me laugh about my kids are unbloggable.  Their crazy expressions and funny mannerisms and general silliness just don’t translate all that well to the written word.  But I did get one or two quotables today.

On hearing about wild animals in one of Pippa’s read-alouds, Romilly asked: Mommy what does wild mean?

Me: Wild means, um… not tame.  A tame animal is like a pet or a farm animal that you can pet and it’s safe and it won’t bite you and…

Ro:  Mom, I asked you what wild means.

Right.  So she did.

Then after dinner tonight I was getting ready to get ice cream for the deserving members of the family who had actually eaten more than one mouthful of dinner, when Beatrix piped up:

Mommy, Jupa ipes keam? (that is, Mommy, are you getting ice cream for Juniper?)

Followed swiftly by, “Nooo!!!” and a silly cheeky giggle.

That girl.

So, who’s next?

4 thoughts on “MoJo Monday: Laughter Is the Best Medicine

  1. Great challenge, Jodi. I usually post the things my kids say that I think are funny, but I’ll hang out until Wednesday to see what else they come up with between now and then. If I forget to send something, remind me!

  2. I have the same problem, I laugh all day long, but when I try to tell someone about it, all I can seem to remember is the fighting and the timeouts. HUMPH!
    Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have more by tomorrow, but just this morning Aiden was looking particularly cute and I told him that he was irresistable, and he looked at me a little confused and said, “No Mommy, I not aye-thuh-bul, I Aiden”. Duh, what was I thinking?

  3. I think Hannah’s a little under the weather, and she’s not sleeping right, and anything not going her way is making her cry–but she’s still adorable.

    Recently I discovered that if I say “Mommy’s gonna get you!” and hold my hand over her stomach, but don’t actually tickle her, she will pull my hand to her stomach. I think it’s pretty cute anyways.

  4. I’m so late!!! But have to share this recent MattMatt story! We sang Happy Birthday to my mom not too long ago, over the phone. When we were all done, he looks at me and says “Her’s gonna make it!!!” I was really unsure of this comment, especially because he was so excited about it! I thought maybe he knew some grave news about my mom noone had bothered to tell me! Then, thankfully he clarified by saying: “Her’s gonna make it and Papa’s gonna eat it!!” Oh…. CAKE! phew! My mom makes everyone their birthday cake! 🙂

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