He Says, She Says Saturday (Alright, Sunday): Crock-potting

crockpot4qtIt’s been a long time.  Too long.  Life has been busy and ideas have been lacking, but when I suggested this topic to Trevor as we were carrying out our Saturday evening ritual of preparing our Sunday lunch crock-pot, I saw that old HSSSS sparkle in his eye once again.

We are a very traditional family regrading gender-roles in most areas.  Trevor fixes things, takes out the trash, mows the lawn.  I do most of the kid-related stuff, the cleaning and the overwhelming majority of the food preparation (he’s even a little lost if I don’t pour his bowl of cereal in the morning, bless him.)

But the crock-pot?  The crock-pot is firmly in Trevor’s jurisdiction.   Maybe he sees it as a tool or a gadget, more akin to a cordless drill than a frying pan.  But for whatever reason, each week he meticulously plans his menu for Sunday lunch, and I often don’t even know what it will be until we are preparing the ingredients together on Friday night.

It is primarily for this reason that I say: I *love* my crock-pot.  By Sunday lunchtime I have forgotten the hour-plus that it took us to prepare the meal and the ridiculous number of dishes dirtied in the process.  I only know that I arrive home from church with hungry children, and the crock-pot fairy has already made our meal.

It is a marvelous change from days of old when I would frantically open every cabinet as well as the freezer several times in search of something that could be made in less than thirty seconds, only to once again serve my family macaroni and cheese with ground beef thrown in.  (Trevor has actually lamented recently that I never make this “dish” anymore.  Funny how familiarity can trump all semblance of culinary discernment.)

Just to give a sampling of Chez Trevor’s menu offerings, today we had an *amazing* chicken and broccoli pasta bake.  He also does a great tomale pie, a yummy pizza crock-pot and, my favorite, birthday beans.  Sometimes, just to shake things up, he’ll do a roast chicken and vegetables.  Yum.  O.  Rama.  It’s the only way he ever gets such standard fare, since I don’t know how to cook much that can’t be done on my stovetop.

Our crock-pot was a house-warming gift from my best friend Mary, and I must confess it collected a good bit of dust before Trevor finally discovered its potential.  I have still hardly used it myself, though I did once totally astound Trevor by making hot dog chowder one day this summer when it was too hot in our house to cook any other way, and we were in grave danger of having cereal for dinner.  Someday, when I have the presence of mind to be thinking about dinner by lunchtime again, I may repeat the experiment.  For now, I will leave it in his capable hands and enjoy his provision or Sunday lunch and Monday (leftover) dinner.  And it’s always better the second time around.

Don’t forget to check out what Trevor says on the subject.  I was thinking that this  might be the first time ever that he would have more to say on a topic than I do, but as he’s watching me type this, he assures me that’s not the case.

3 thoughts on “He Says, She Says Saturday (Alright, Sunday): Crock-potting

  1. Oh, I love my crock pot! I cook all kinds of things in it. A sight that Trevor might like (guess I could’ve posted this on his blog? lol) is http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/. But if you google crockpot recipes, you’ll find TONS of ideas! Here is another of our favorite recipes http://mrs4444cooks.blogspot.com/2009/02/taco-soup.html, however, I cook mine with ground turkey most of the time.

    A crockpot is great for making soups or stews, as well. And you don’t always have to use fresh veggies. I’ve used lots of frozen veggies in my recipes.

    Not sure if you all like meatloaf… but I’ve discovered that you can fix a meatloaf in the crockpot, as well. I do not make it in the oven anymore. Comes out so much better in my crockpot.

    Great HS/SS!

  2. I too love my crockpot. I got one earlier this year and have really enjoyed trying it out. I have made a lovely sausage casserole, it cooks a whole chicken and potatoes really well and i did my ragu type sause in it yesterday. This week I am creating my own chilli recipe so that I can make it for homegroup lunch in a few weeks time. I used to think I needed a recipe but now I understand the basics a bit better I am being more adventurous. It certianly takes the stress out of those 7pm food decisions when we have both had a really hard day at work, usually then the most I have to put together is some potatoes, chips/french fries!, rice or pasta which is not too bad.

    I think Trevor needs to post some of his recipes though as they sound a lot more adventurous than bolognese, chilli and sausage casserole. Pizza crockpot sounds fun!

    One thing I have found when doing a whole chicken in the crockpot is that it turns out so tender but if you put anything inside the bird, an onion for example, it flavours it big time! Onion flavour roast chicken was ok for a one off but I haven’t made the mistake again!

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