Solved: The Mystery of Ogeegah

IMG_7595Since about July when we received it as a gift from VBS,  this CD has lived in our van CD player.  Everyone in the family has favorites.  (Click the links below to hear each song.)

Romilly loves Mighty, Mighty Savior, the very first song they learned in Sunday school months and months ago.  She’s very loyal that way.

Pippa loves this one, the rockiest, head-bangingest one of the bunch.  Figures.

My favorite is still Sovereign One.  The truth of God’s love and sovereignty in difficult circumstances  just washes over me every time I hear it.  And I cry.  In a good way.

Uncle Nathan loved this one when we were in Scotland.  It is pretty great, it must be said.

Trevor’s favorite is this more thoughtful one, simply called “The Gospel Song“.   It’s the one we knew best before getting the CD, and it does just what it says on the tin.  Lovely!

Now Bea, she hasn’t really settled on a favorite yet, but she loves to excitedly announce everyone else’s favorites as we listen to the CD.  See exhibit A.
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Uncle Nathan Favorite

But for the past two or three weeks, every time Daddy’s favorite came on, she had this new announcement to make:

“O-Gee-Gah song, Mommy.  Daddy’s favorite: O-GEE-Gah!”

We asked her to repeat it dozens of times.  We asked the big girls what on earth she was saying (they almost always know.)   We all laughed hysterically every time she said it, because we had *no idea* what she was talking about.

Until Wednesday.

Then during her one ride per week when she is the biggest little girl in the car (on the way home from the AWANA drop-off), I finally had the time and quiet to *really* listen to her.  I had an epiphany.  She’s *singing* the song.

She had to really spell it out for me, but after about my hundredth, “The what song, sweetie?”  she sang it with perfect pitch: Ohhh- GEEEE- Gah song, Mommy!

And it is.  The first three words are, slowly, “Ho-ly God…”

Mystery solved.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your favs. Did I share that you inspired me to take this cd back out and give it a better listen?? I didn’t like it the first time I heard it. Now it lives in our car cd player too. I like 3 and 8 but have no idea in this moment what they are:)

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