Happy Birthday, Wee Man!

Happy eighth birthday to our oft-neglected, but always loved, firstborn “child” Gulliver!  (Did you even know I had a dog?  And isn’t it sad that Trevor and I just had to have a 10-minute discussion to decide that he is turning eight today and not seven?)

This is our sweet boy (Trevor’s only teammate in our overwhelmingly pink household) when we got him at 8 weeks old in November 2001, and today. Picture 18 Picture 14 IMG_7743

This sweet guy was our practice baby, and used to be the very center of our universe.  He has since been bumped a few notches down the priority ladder, but he has taken it all in his stride, and is wonderfully patient with the girls.   He is a wire fox terrier from a long line of champion show dogs, and it is fun to remember that his official “show name” is Corriecote Serten Flame.  Fancy!  His unofficial name, Gulliver, suits him perfectly, since he traveled with us when we immigrated from Scotland.  He’s been on many an adventure with us, and although he spends a lot of his time nowadays looking for a quiet nook to hide away from it all, he will always be our sweet puppy.

As a side note, Gulliver recently acquired a new little friend  from the Corn Festival we go to every year.  Introducing, Jonah, Jonesy for short.  As a cautionary word to Gulliver, I might add, in the immortal words of the mom from Stuart Little, “We do not eat family members!” IMG_7531

I’ll leave you with a birthday wish from Gulliver’s youngest (talking) admirer. View this montage created at One True Media Happy Birthday, Gulliver!

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  1. What a trooper Gulliver is, Happy Birthday to him! And I am loving the happy brithday from Bea, she gives Marylin Munroe a run for her money, I definately prefer Bea’s version 🙂

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