Big Thoughts for a Little Girl


It started with an observation. “Mommy, you have holes in your ears.” I wondered where this conversation would go, as I am completely not ready for Pippa to get her ears pierced or really even to become to aware of the whole concept, but that wasn’t what was going through her sweet little mind tonight. Next she said, “God had holes in His hands” while thoughtfully signing Jesus with her own hands. All I could think to say was, “That’s right…” The wheels turned some more. “That helps Him hold the whole Earth.” Hmm… I imagine that in her three-year-old mind, she was picturing the world suspended from a hole in God’s hand in the same way the holes in my ear support my little silver hoops. We chatted for a few minutes to try to untangle these enormous theological concepts she was wrestling with, and I think she came away understanding more than she did when we started, but it left me thinking. There was an awful lot of truth to her initial conclusion. It *is* because of Christ’s nail-pierced hands and His shed blood that He was able to carry the sins of the world. My sins. I can only think that God gave her that insight tonight to remind her Daddy and I at what cost our salvation comes.

One thought on “Big Thoughts for a Little Girl

  1. Wow! How beautiful! Isn’t that so what you want your daughter to be contemplating? I love it and pray she continues to see God holding her in the palm of His hand!

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