How Amazing Is My DH?

d_2278.jpg So, it’s Valentine’s Day.   We don’t really do Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes a card, sometimes dinner out, but never a fuss.  It’s very hard to buy for the man who has everything doesn’t want you to spend any of his own money on him.  I was feeling pretty on top of my game to have a card from me and one (compliments of printables from Playhouse Disney) from each of the girls that is old enough to hold a crayon, all nicely arranged on the table for him when we woke up this morning.  Nothing for me, which was not a big deal.  We’re procrastinators, so it goes without saying around here that one has the entirety of a holiday/birthday to come up with the goods.

Then when I got home from my Bible study this afternoon (more on to follow in another post, I hope), I found an e-mail from Trevor with this linked in it.  (Sorry, love, I know you were going for anonymity – now you’re out there for my entire readership (of 4) to see!  But you knew you’d be getting some linky love, didn’t you?)  Well, so much for everything I was supposed to get done today!  I am just thankful that I managed to get the girls lunch before I checked my e-mail today, because once I followed the link, I spent the next 45 minutes reading, laughing, crying, rereading and crying more.   Well, I always knew it, but this seals the deal:  I am officially married to the most wonderful man on earth (and did I mention the accent???  I just never get over that!)

So here is what I was going to do for him before I was completely outdone and also reduced to a sniffling puddle: a little bit of Valentine’s Day cuteness from our three little cupids.

A bargain, wouldn’t you agree?:

And my bloggy movie debut:

And finally, since he apparently likes me, too, a self portrait of me beaming after reading his blog.

Husby, you are full of surprises, and I am so blessed to call you mine.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, ???