Friends Inside My Computer

When I was pregnant with Romilly, I somehow stumbled into a whole world of fellow pregnant women on the internet.  Though I remained on the fringe for quite a while, I followed these women and their little ones born around the same time as Ro through all the ups and downs of pregnancy and early motherhood.  What an incredible resource, I thought.  Hundreds of women with babies at the same stage as mine with whom to discuss parenting issues and share concerns, right inside my computer.  I went there looking for information and perhaps entertainment (when did reading about other people’s babies and their diaper/teething/sleep issues become entertaining???), but I never imagined I would find real live friendship.

Recently, the girls and I have had the privilege of getting to meet some of these moms who are local to us and their little ones.  (I hasten to assure my grandmother, who I know will be very startled upon reading this, that not one of them turned out to be a 60-year-old man with no baby – whew!)  Romilly even got to spend her birthday with these very charming young men!

I find now that I am so aware that these women are real people, and while ‘the boards’ are still a valuable resource and a whole lot of fun, their real value is the privilege of being involved, in some small way, in another person’s life.

And now, for one such internet friend (one who had a lot to do with getting me back on the bloggy wagon!), here is a picture of me and my blog. Amanda, this is for you – you’re an inspiration!  Keep up the good work, and happy blogiversary!