Too Much YouTube?

Yesterday, Pippa and I (and it really was partly her idea) came up with the idea of making this video, and we think it is very funny indeed.

If you’re not immediately getting why this makes us laugh hysterically every time we watch it, then perhaps you have somehow managed not to see the ubiquitous “Charlie Bit Me” video on YouTube.  We first saw it here on Girltalk, but have seen it crop up in a few other places since then.  Apparently other people have found it funny enough to make their own versions, too.  Last night all five of us were laughing around the computer watching grown Englishmen, teenaged girls, and even an Indian father and son pair complete with turbans put their own spin on little Harry and Charlie’s routine. Fun for the whole family! (Warning: they’re not all as family friendly as the original, so have your finger ready on the pause button while you hop around all the different spoof versions!)