A Name at Last

Anyone who knows me (online or otherwise) knows that I have an obsession affinity for names.  I have pondered, listed, discussed and collected names since I was a little girl.  When it came time to name actual babies, well, it was like Christmas for me for nine months straight!

So you can only imagine how excruciating it has been for me to have a blog exist for over half a year under the thoughtless banner of  “Jodi’s Blog”. I almost couldn’t start writing my blog until I’d named it, but I soldiered on and waited for inspiration to strike. Well, today, it did (I think).

Here’s what happened (for all you Monk fans out there).  We were behind a car today with the license plate DEELISH.  I said, “I bet she’s called Dee and thinks she’s delicious.”  Trevor had a look as she turned, and said that she was decidedly *not* delish, but it still got me thinking.  Then I said (mostly kiddingly), “Hey, I could call my blog Jodilish!”  I thought better of that, since that lack of any culinary theme to my blog might imply a less savory meaning.  But it opened up a world of similarly cheesy possibilities: Jodivine, Jodabulous, Jo-da Man!

And then this one.  I know at first glance it looks fluffy and possibly a bit self-indulgent, but I’m hoping it will remind me of these two things that I hope to do both in life and in my blog.  Besides that, if it seems a little hokey, that’s me, too.  Layers, see?