Long Time No Sea

Milo sporting a gift from Gran and Grandad that they sent from England the summer before last.

The last time we saw Trevor’s parents, Freya was not quite one year old, and Milo wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye. They had had a flight booked for May 2020 that COVID postponed indefinitely. We Zoomed often, and I’m thankful for the technology that kept them familiar faces to our kids, but it’s definitely not the same as real life cuddles.

This month, we’ve finally had that!

Starting at the end of October, we enjoyed a lovely visit with Trevor’s parents and brother. The last week of that we spent on a tiny island in Maryland, surrounded by water, a million miles from anywhere.

The kids kayaked in the bay right in our backyard. We played card games, went for walks, crocheted. We saw bald eagles in the wild, and explored the historical sites of the area. It was a full, lovely week.

(I do realize this is not a real bald eagle. We saw those, too, though!)

Now we are home and settling back into school and routines. Gran and Grandad and Uncle Adrian have all gone home. Life is back to normal. But normal is pretty sweet, too.

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