2021 Birthday Post 11 of 13: Pippa

Seventeen. Friends, this beautiful young lady, the one who made me a mom, is almost an adult! If you had asked me just a few years ago if I was ready to be a mom to an almost-adult, who would be doing things like driving and having a job and taking SATs and thinking about college, I would have said absolutely no way. This is my baby we’re talking about!

But this girl: she’s more adult than I am some days. She is fast becoming one of the people I go to if I’m stuck on something. And if she doesn’t know how to do it either, she will pursue it until she figures it out. Whether I can’t figure out something on my computer or phone or I don’t know what book we should be reading next for school (more on that later), Pippa is my person.

Pippa’s diverse interests include: LM Montgomery books, running, heavy cream, bento lunch boxes, the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, knitting and crocheting, and anything purple (Violet is her middle name, after all). Calling these things “interests” doesn’t really do it justice though. When Pippa takes up a new interest, she does it with gusto, researching it and steeping herself in it until it becomes a part of who she is at the very core of her being. When I say she likes LM Montgomery, I mean that she reads blogs about her writing and books about her life and has favorite cover illustrators. When I say she runs, I mean she sets goals for herself and has a chart hanging on her bedroom wall with an intricate set of rewards for reaching different milestones. When I say she loves heavy cream… Well, that speaks for itself really, doesn’t it? She doesn’t do anything half-heartedly.

One of Pippa’s earliest experiences with a crochet hook – age 2 1/2.

She is also our resident expert on homeschool curriculum, and “Box Day” is one of the high holidays of her annual calendar. Each summer when we order our curriculum for the coming year, it is Pippa who creates a chart of what everyone needs so that we make sure to get everything ordered. I just do as I’m told now. One year, just for fun, she mapped out exactly which set of curriculum we would need for every year until Verity and Freya are in high school. For. Fun! (She might try to tell you it wasn’t really for fun, but that it somehow affected decisions that we needed to make right then and there. They were 3 and 1 at the time, so I’ll let you be the judge of that!)

Pippa started working at Wendy’s about three months ago (in addition to babysitting for her little cousin Brooke one day a week). I think we were all holding our breath a little. (It’s a funny thing with homeschooling: you spend so many years sheltering your child from the world, but at some point, you just have to sort of toss them out there!) There was definitely a little bit of culture shock that first week, but she very quickly became known for being dependable and kind. She has met so many people from walks of life very different to hers, and when I hear her talk about her shift as we drive home from work, I can tell she just genuinely likes them all. (And I can tell they like her, too!)

Pippa wants to be an elementary school teacher, and she will absolutely rock it. To look at her Pinterest account, you would think she already is one! She’s constantly finding new creative activities for her littlest siblings (and cousin) to try out. She has fully embraced her role of big sister extraordinaire. She loves her little siblings well, and they are so blessed to have her. We all are.

Philippa Violet, happy last birthday before becoming an adult! I would love to hold onto you forever, but you are so ready to fly. Keep living your life with the same joy, enthusiasm, and love for God and others that you have shown so far. I love you, Pip!

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  1. Happy Birthdsy Pippa! I love reading about all your adventures! So excited to hear you want to be a teacher!! ???

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