2021 Birthday Post 9 of 13: Freya

Our tiniest little miss is three today!

Goodness is this girl fun! She has a great sense of adventure, and bears the distinction of being our *only* baby to take her first steps before her first birthday. She had places to go then, and she still does now!

Although her preferred mode of transportation nowadays is definitely big sister! From as early as she could speak to ask for it, Freya has regularly requested “circles” (being carried in laps around the big living room sofa) from her sisters, especially Romilly, who happily indulges her. Apparently three is the official age of no more circles, but we’ll see about that: I daresay she has the whole family wrapped around her little finger!

Freya’s clever and creative use of language has been such a hoot to watch. Before she turned two, she began using the word “heeny” fairly regularly. As in “Mommy, can you open this heeny?” At first, its meaning stumped us. She used it so often and in such varied contexts! Then it dawned on us. It’s “thingy”. Our toddler is saying “thingy.” The pronunciation has evolved since then, but she still uses it regularly. I don’t feel like any of us uses the word often, but she picked it up somewhere, and we absolutely love it.

She calls the dog and her baby brother “bossy bossy” if they get in her personal space. Her perennial threat, whenever something she doesn’t like happens, is “then I am NOT going to sleep with Verity, ever, never again!” (They are room buddies, so she does, in fact, sleep with Verity ever single night without complaint.)

For all her feistiness, she is also sweet and thoughtful, and is generally very reasonable for a toddler. After a season of naptimes being a bit of a struggle for her (she thinks she’s big and suffers from major FOMO), she now tells me *almost* every day, “Today is a happy nappy day!” and goes down with a smile.

It’s certainly too early to pin down, but I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, and she replied, “Mom!” Verity suggested, “l think she means, ‘A mom’.” But Freya pointed at me and said, “No. YOU!”. Well, shucks. Okay <3

Happy birthday, my beautiful, squishy, hilarious Freya Poppy! We love you, baby girl.

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