2021 Birthday Post 4 of 13: Lewis

Lewis Christian is 14 today! As I completed Lewis’s final post-adoption report a couple months ago (5 years home already! Can you believe it?!), I marveled at just how far this amazing boy has come.

Despite having undiagnosed hearing loss for his first 8 years of life, this boy is an excellent communicator. He can almost always make himself understood using a combination of signs and gestures and approximate words. He works so hard in speech therapy twice a week, and he is loved by all who know him there.

He loves math! He has mastered counting to 20 and is working on adding and subtracting and simple skip counting.

He knows all his letters, can copy anything written, and even has some sight words and words he can spell independently. One of his favorite pastimes is to sit and type text out of a book. He takes great pride in his work and even gets spacing and capitalizations right.

Lewis still loves his old favorite hobbies of Lego, crafts, and puzzles, but he has also learned to crochet this year! I wasn’t sure how crocheting would work for him at first, since he isn’t able to read a pattern. But it turns out he has a remarkable knack for shaping pieces into what he wants, so he really doesn’t need much help at all. As soon as he finishes a project, he gives it to a sibling, every time.

Lewis likes things to be neat and organized, and he is a very willing helper. He loves to sweep, vacuum, rake, and shovel snow. And he’s good at them, too! He’s also the most recent addition to our team of dishwasher-emptiers. Monday is his day, and he won’t even mind doing it on his birthday 🙂

Lewis makes us laugh (or roll our eyes!) with his cool guy moves. He is forever slicking his hair off to the side, wiggling his eyebrows at us (or at himself in the mirror!), or showing off his latest dance move.

And of course he has great moves on the court, too:

He definitely has his stubborn moments, but on the whole, this boy is sweet and enjoys life. He is creative and hardworking, and will definitely be a ray of sunshine in the workplace someday. I look forward to seeing how far he will go.

Happy birthday, Lewis! We love you!

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