I’m It… And You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Amy tagged me for a fun (in principle) little bloggy game.  I have to post the sixth photo in the sixth folder of my pictures.  She wasn’t to know that folder would be entitled “1997-1999”.  Sigh.

On the bright side, Paige has been itching to make an appearance on my blog, so here she is, aged five, with me and my mom.  Aww.  This was Christmas break in between my two semesters in Scotland.  Just a few months before I met Trevor.

Just for reference, this is what she looks like now.   Yeah, my baby sister.  I know!  Isn’t she gorgeous?  Can you even believe we’re related???  And another bit of random trivia, I was roughly the same age when Paige was born that she was when Beatrix was born.  Weird.

I’m tagging Nikki, Johnna and Jocelyn.  Hope you can play!

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