Whoooo Says We Never Do Crafts???

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a craft with the girls that involved more than coloring.  Too long.  While Amanda has started a whole blog devoted to kid-crafts, KT is chugging along with her usual array of stunning projects each week, and even our dear missionary friends in Mexico are making time for the craftiness, we’ve been totally slacking over here.

Last night at Pippa’s Awana Parents’ Evening, I felt humbled as I walked through the halls of the church’s pre-school.  At every turn there were huge bulletin boards proudly displaying children’s artwork, and I began to wonder if I was really depriving Pippa of something by keeping her home this year.  Then I took a closer look, and I thought, hey, this doesn’t look so hard – we could do this at home!

So here are the fruits of our first (of many to come I’m sure) craft project blatantly lifted from the Open Door Christian Academy Pre-School.  It was super easy and very rewarding for the girls (plus I’m a big fan of any craft that doesn’t require a trip to the store for supplies!)

I don’t know the official guidelines, but here’s what we did:

Bits Needed:

Orange and yellow paper (uh… we used streamers and the back cover of the Awana handbook.  Maybe it’s time to invest in some construction paper)

Paper lunch bag

Something to stuff with (tissue paper crumpled up worked nicely)


Glue stick

Ordinary stick



Coloring things

1. I cut out circles from the yellow and a triangle from the orange while the girls went outside to find sticks.  This was almost as much fun for them as the craft itself.

2.  The girls glued the eyes and nose onto the paper bag themselves and then added black centers to the eyes with a marker.

3.  They were also supposed to draw feathers in a scalloped pattern under the face of the owl, but that didn’t happen so much.  Oh well, I guess that’s where individual expression and creativity come in.

4. They then crumpled their own tissue paper and stuffed their owls.

5.  Holding the open (bottom) part of the bag together, I cut a triangular notch out of the middle: this serves as the separation of the owls feet, and (handily enough) makes the little ear tufts all in one fell swoop.

6.  I then wrapped the two “feet” around the stick and stapled them to the “ankles” (it sounds much worse than it really was, I promise).

7.  I folded the “ears” and the girls helped glue and tape them onto the top of the owl’s head.

Voila!  Owlies to display on our very own bulletin board wall.  (Oh, and one final important step: take pictures so that once the novelty wears off you can throw them away without regret.  We all know plenty of paper finds its way into our homes without us inviting it in!)

3 thoughts on “Whoooo Says We Never Do Crafts???

  1. They look absolutely fab, I love the branches. My sister did something simiar to that at High school with an egg shell and she glued it to a branch, my parents still have it. Perhaps painting egg shells is few year away but you have definitly got the craft bug there Jodi. Looking forward to seeing the furture projects.

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