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Ultimate Blog Party 2008
Welcome! If you’re here because of the Ultimate Blog Party, I look forward to ‘meeting’ you! If you’re just here because you’re one of my five (six maybe?) regular readers, then you are probably wondering what on earth this post is all about. Well, it’s a big old party right inside my computer! How great is that? I just love that I can write this post in my PJs, and then hop around visiting everyone else’s parties in my PJs too (if, in fact, you are wearing your PJs right now, then this must be your kind of party too!) I’m a little late getting in on this, since I only figured out today how to put the little Blog Party button in my sidebar. (I’m pretty new to blogging, so I feel like I should be putting words like “button” and “sidebar” in quotes, but I’m resisting. Happily, thanks to this party I now know what a “widget” is, too. Sort of. Almost. A little bit.)  To get us in the party mood, here is one of our girls’ favorite toys that we get to endure play with over and over again at our home.  Lucky us.  Feel free to sing along!

I suppose an introduction is in order, especially since I’ve never officially done that on my blog.  My name is Jodi.  I am recently(ish) 30.  I am blessed to be married to an amazing Englishman who loves the Lord.   We are both eternally thankful for God’s love for us.  You can read more about my faith by clicking on any of these highlighted words or by clicking the God category at the side.

We have three wonderful little girls under the age of four (my “baby” was three and a half yesterday!) The big girls tend to steal the show most of the time. Here they are in some transfer T-shirts I made them (more on them to follow!)

This photo really captures their personalities, since Pippa is our thoughtful, reserved little English rose (okay, some of the time), and Romilly is the crazy American chatterbox.

Little Bea sure is starting to give the big girls a run for their money, though. She can steal the show back from them just by being in the room.

Well, what is a party without cake? And what is a cake without icing? Hey, let’s just skip to the icing, okay? I’ve never done a giveaway before, so this seemed like a good occasion to have my first. Here’s the deal. You hop around a little bit and see if you can find a post that gets you thinking, or makes you laugh, or warms your heart or something, then come back to this post and leave me a comment about it (and make sure you include your e-mail address, please).  You can even just tell me you like this post, because it has a free giveaway – I’m not fussy about the comment love!  I will choose one at random using Amanda’s patented random number choosing system, and I’ll post the winner here (and e-mail you, too!)  The winner will receive, as quickly as I can put one together, a personalized transfer T-shirt or onesie with your little one’s name (or yours, if you like) in a street sign or a book title or wherever I happen to find your little one’s name.  (Like the ones my big girls are wearing above.)  Details are all totally negotiable, and we can discuss after you win!  Again, make sure you leave your comment on my party post, or I might not find it for the drawing, which will be after this whole sha-bang is over.

In addition to my little giveaway, there are tons of prizes being offered at the main prize page.  My favorites from the list are 80, 101, and 7 (in no particular order), but of course I’d be delighted to win anything at all, especially something cute for my girlies!

Lovely to meet you!  Love the PJs!

36 thoughts on “My Kind of Party

  1. I love your post “A Sunday Apology”
    It sounded way too familiar, except I am usually the one ordering everyone around making sure no one relaxes at all on Sunday morning and that we are at church at least 15 minutes early…
    I enjoyed looking around your blog, and yes your kids do look like your husband, and your husband looks so young. Maybe I am getting old, but he looks like a kid to me!

  2. I just posted a comment, but somehow it didn’t go through. Anyway, I can totally relate to your Sunday Apology post, I am glad I read it because Sunday will soon be upon us again.
    As for your kids they sure do look like your husband. And he looks so young, I must be getting old!

  3. nicetameetcha! i’m jayedee from the sunshine state! party on dudette! lol and if you like chickens……stop by the lost world and check out the giveaway i have going this week!

  4. I love the If You’re Happy and You Know It! LOL!

    Happy party, Jodi! I love each and every one of your God posts–you are a real example of a mama who is not only raising her kids but also pursuing God for herself! love you!

  5. Hi Jodi! It is so very nice to meet you! This blog party is so fun I am truly enjoying meeting so many great bloggers such as yourself! Oh, excuse me, I didn’t introduce myself . . . my name is Shera and I’m the mommy behind A Frog In My Soup. With 6 boys to keep up with everyday a mommy blog party is just what I needed!

    I have briefly looked at some of your past posts and I have to say that your writing is a joy and I’ll definitely be back! I stumbled upon this one that you wrote not all that long ago, I believe you called it Bad Mommy Day. Anyway, it’s always nice to know that other mommies have those days too!

    I hope to bump into you at more of the party stops along the way and you’re welcome to come visit the crazy “Land of Frogs” anytime!


  6. Hey there. I am enjoying getting to know you through your blog. I don’t have children small enough for onesies, so I’ll opt out of the contest, but wanted to say “hi” just the same. Excuse me while I browse some more, won’t you? Thanks!

  7. I found your party “jo delilghtful”! And giveaways are so much fun. Hop on over to my party when you can.

  8. Hi Jodi! Thanks for visiting my party post – I love yours! And your girls are absolutely adorable – you are so right that Becca looks like your Romilly, wow that’s too funny! 🙂 Love your site – I’ll be back!

  9. I’m inviting you to party with me!

    Win some chocolate from my-sister-in-law and I…we blog about CHOCOLATE…me from Australia…and her from Michigan. Here’s the link:

    What am I doing in Australia? I married an Aussie…and moved to Brisbane, leaving my family and friends and all the right-side-of-the-road drivers in America.

    Win a handmade pocket place mat from my blog Comfort Joy Designs. Here’s the link:

    Want to know more about life in Australia? Visit my A Cup of Joy site where I keep up with my family and friends in America. Here’s the link:

    Happy Partying!

  10. Adorable girls! Annoying duck, too bad they love it! Thanks for visiting my blog and the complement on my photography and blog. I’ve been so blessed by the many Christian bloggin’ moms, I really can’t say I have a favorite! Glad to meet you too.!

  11. Hi, thanks for visiting me from the party… you’re children are adorable & I love your blog! Hope to stop by again soon…blessings!

  12. Hi Jodi,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Your girls are just BEAUTIFUL. Your blog is so nice too.

    I’ll be back. So nice to meet you!


  13. Love the PJ’s … yes this is my kind of party – visiting everyone in my PJ’s as well!

    WELCOME to blogville!! It’s so much fun once you figure out how to do different things here and share so much! I look forward to coming back and seeing what’s new – thanks for stopping by my blog as well.

    God Bless, HL

  14. I love both of your first two posts, lol. Kids are so cute, and that is a lot of the reason I blog. I don’t want to forget! Unfortunately I often forget before I can get to my blog, lol.

  15. hey, welcome to the party and hope you’re having a blast. Do call me Ivan Girl and I’m from Manila, Philippines.

    I love your blog. 🙂 Pleased to meet you! Will definitely visit you again.

    Do stop by my blog and join me for the party… 🙂
    UBP 2008

    Have Fun!

  16. I love your blog! You have such cute girls!
    Thanks for stopping by my party! I love my teenagers, there is nothing to be afraid of, teenagers are so much fun(other than they are growing up way to fast and have minds of their own).

  17. I like the post about how you named your blog. Your name is somewhat like mine, because it’s a play on words of your name. Now you have to go over and see mine! ; )

    Your girls are darling and I am so glad I stopped by your blog! Thanks for offering a giveaway, that’s so cool!

    Have FUN!

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  19. Ack, how did I miss this post?!? I love the “If you’re happy and you know it” chicken! That’s James’ favorite too. Oh, and as a professional mommy – I’m ALWAYS in my pj’s : )
    Happy Blog Party!

  20. Nice to meet you! What adorable little girls! See – I KNEW we could be professional AND in my pj’s – now if I can just convince my hubby 🙂
    Happy Blog party!! 🙂

  21. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I hope you’ve had as much fun with the blog party as I have!

  22. I didn’t join the party this go round, but looking forward to the next one. I hope you had a good time, though!

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  25. Still hopping from blog to blog… my goal is to post at each blog at least once. Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!

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  27. Jodi-
    You are the sweetest! I have gone back to work full time as a Children’s Pastor, besides running an apartment complex ministry part-time….so my schedule is really, really full and my blogging has SLACKED OFF! Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog- I was just deciding if I was going to write something tonight or not- and now I think I will!! 🙂
    Cindy 🙂

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