Prepare for Take-Off!

We just received word that our travel dates are FIRM!  We’ve been given the green light to book our tickets for the dates we were given before, and you know what?  December 8th is only TWO AND A HALF WEEKS AWAY!!!  Time for some very speedy nesting!

Thank you all for your prayers regarding these dates.  We are very thankful that they have been answered this way.  Counting from our first trip, which was exactly the same week at the end of June/beginning of July as Niko’s first trip two years ago, Delia will be coming home two months quicker!  And given the timing of the arrivals of their respective little newborn buddies, that has been just what our family has needed in BOTH cases.


The trip that started it all – June 2011. We’re coming for you, sweet girl!

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