She’s Ours!

We are praising the Lord today.  We just received word (and so very punctually, too!) that we have passed court today, and Delia is ours!

We have been given tentative travel dates of December 8th to 18th, which would be pretty much exactly perfect for Trevor’s work schedule.  Would you please pray with us that these dates would be made un-tentative?


It’s been two and a half years since we first met and fell in love with this precious girl.  We feel honored and blessed that, thanks to a judge we have never met and a God who knows us all better than we know ourselves, we can now call this precious girl our daughter.

Bulgaria 070113 048

We’re coming soon, sweet Delia!

6 thoughts on “She’s Ours!

  1. We simply cannot wait to meet her. I dreamed last night that Lou and someone else in my family (the person kept changing) went over to England (!) to help you bring her home! 🙂 Don’t even *try* to interpret that one–we’re just excited for you to have her HOME!

  2. Yes! sometimes I get so busy I forget to check back and then when I do what a great surprise to get!

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