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I have had a lifelong fascination with needle crafts, and I can’t even describe how exciting it is to me that some of my kids are now old enough to share in this hobby with me.  Yesterday, Pippa picked up a cross-stitch she started months ago to work on it again and inadvertantly sparked a stitch-stravaganza!

*** Warning: Shameless Bragging on Kids Post to Follow!***

Most of them had wielded a needle before in some capacity, but actual cross-stitching was new to at least Bea and Niko yesterday, and all four big kids really impressed me.  (The little two were napping, but I think they’re great, too.  See?

(Look, June can sew too!)

(Coraline, not so much, but she is an excellent drooler.  Does that count as a craft?)

(Coraline, not so much, but she is an excellent drooler. That’s kind of a craft, right?)


Little Bea surprised me with how tidy her little rows of x’s were while she worked on a little fox pattern from a book.  I thought she’d be pretty high maintenance since she’s only five (and a half!), but she very quickly got the idea of following the pattern and was completely delighted with the whole thing.  She had already picked it up to work on it again before I even got breakfast on the table this morning, and I’m thinking she probably also took it to bed with her tonight (sneaky thing!) since I couldn’t find it anywhere to take a picture of it just now.



 The boy does super well given his eyesight and dexterity issues. For some of his stitching, I did the dashes and he went back and crossed them, but it was a tricky pattern, to be fair.  He’s definitely getting there.  And he also knows how to crochet, which never ceases to amaze me.  (Oh.  Should I be concerned that people will think it’s weird that I’ve taught my son to do these things?    He certainly will not be left out of any activity I’m doing with the girls, so it’s kind of inevitable.  What can I say?  I guess being the only boy in a family of all girls has its advantages.  He does also get plenty of hitting-the-wiffle-ball-in-the-backyard time with Daddy, so I’m sure he’ll come through it all unscathed.)




Romilly is the girl who insists she does not like crafts. Yeah, nobody’s buying it.  See below.


And last but not least, my Pippa… so much like her mama.  Loves starting projects, kind of ‘meh’ on finishing them, but she’s definitely got threads and yarn coursing through her veins.  She’s been granny-squaring up a storm since she finished her Bible verse sampler yesterday.  I think she’ll have her new scarf done well in time for… summer?!

IMG_0376 IMG_0379 

I think once we’re done school for the summer and have more free time we’ll have to find a good cause to crochet or stitch for or we might quickly be overrun with projects around here!

9 thoughts on “Stitching It Up

  1. I am SOOOOO impressed. I have given Audra stamped cross stitch and she did really well at it and committed to it, but I didn’t even consider giving her counted because even I find that difficult. That Bea can do it so well is absolutely incredible. And Pippa and her crocheting … I have tried (without success) to teach A and T to crochet and neither can pick up on it. T can chain really well, but falls apart at any next step. Audra can’t do any of it … though she’s left handed and that presents a real problem. Even the patterns have to be converted. Ugh.

    Anyway, kuddos to the Youngs on their awesome crafting abilities!!

  2. This is wonderful 🙂
    I am desperate to get back to some handiwork! I have a crocheted dog scarf to finish for my sisters little dog and I have so many projects in my head I just seem to have noooooo time for it. I think I will need to start making time otherwise it’ll never happen. Your girls and wee man never cease to amaze and inspire me 🙂 Not at all sure Joshua will be into craft, he now likes drawing but he has the attention span of a gnat 🙂 Ellen on the other hand is the most chilled out content wee soul so probably has more patience for it (unless these delightfully straight forward baby days turn into horrendous toddler years! 🙂 ) Sooo looking forward to spending time with your amazing kiddies in 16 weeks!
    Happy stitching xx

  3. Oh I wish I’d known y’all were stitchers!!! I just cleaned out my XS stash! I do have some linen still – so if y’all ever need linen, please let me know!

  4. I saw a fox the other night! Also, a bird. So, that’s a pretty crazy coincidence.

  5. I love how crafty you all are. I think I need to get someone from your house to teach me. And I also think it is wonderful that Niko gets in on the action as well. I say that Coraline wins…the drool is outta this world. 🙂

  6. There’s actually more male stitchers out there than people realize. I’ve seen some amazing stuff from them. I’m hoping Kevin will be interested when he’s old enough.

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