Little Girls



See these two little girls?  These two little friends have done a lot together. They played with Cabbage Patch Kids and read Nancy Drew books together.  They watched Smurfs and Touched by an Angel together.  They dyed Easter eggs together but did not go trick-or-treating together (it was tradition, after all).

They shared each other’s families. They gained weight and lost weight together. They fought and made up.  A lot.  They cried over sad times and celebrated happy ones together.  They were each other’s Maids of Honor.  They have been friends for thirty years.  Thirty!


And now, I am so very excited to share another great adventure with my best friend: motherhood.  In about seven weeks or so, my dearest friend Mary, the sister I never had (until I had sisters), is having a baby girl!  We celebrated her baby shower together on Saturday.  I have never looked forward so much to meeting a baby that wasn’t my own. I am so excited for Mary and her husband to experience the joy that awaits them.  And I cannot wait for another generation of little girls to walk through life together.

2 thoughts on “Little Girls

  1. How wonderful 🙂 that is so exciting! Maybe we’ll get to meet her when we come over. Congratulations Mary 🙂

  2. Jodi, you are a role model to me, hopefully I can be half as wonderful a mother as you!

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