Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy!

It is never harder to blog than when so much has happened since the last time I posted anything that I don’t know where to begin.  Except when I’m keeping secrets, which, in this case, I’m not.  Really, what secrets could I possibly have left at this point?

Anyway, it’s been busy!

You already know Uncle Adrian was visiting, and in part at least, I will claim that as my #1 excuse for not blogging in forever – after all, my blogging room was his bedroom.

Things I might have blogged about while he was here had I had more free time and access to my computer include:

  •  Some of our very dearest friends moved to Brazil.  I haven’t cried so much about a friend moving away since my friend Lisa and her twin sister moved to Georgia in fifth grade.  Brazil is a lot farther away than Georgia.  It’s been rough.
  • My baby turned seven!!!  What on earth?
  • We went on day trips to Philly, Lancaster, New York and Valley Forge, and I’m pretty sure I officially lost my trouper status when I burst into tears outside the ladies’ room in the World Financial Center.  Who looks an eight-month-pregnant woman with three small children in the eye and puts the “Out of Service” sign out to clean the restroom anyway?
  • I’m pretty sure Adrian thinks we’re crazy for having four-going-on-six kids.  Moreso for having lived with us for two weeks.  That made me think perhaps other people might think so, too.  I’d quite like to blog about that.  Remind me some time.
  • Adrian went home at exactly the wrong time.  Not only was it *on* the tenth anniversary of 9/11, but we just all missed him like crazy this past week.  Come back soon, okay?

But I’ve just admitted that he’s been gone for a whole week now, and still the blog has been a ghost town.  Here’s what I would have blogged about this week, had I not been actually *living* this week:

  • We finally started our school year.  Barefooted and silly.  What else is new?
  • The Ladies’ Brunch is over!  Because I wasn’t blogging, you don’t know that I was in charge of putting on our Ladies’  Fall Brunch with one other friend from church, nor that I am the least qualified person in the world to be in charge of such an affair.  You also don’t know that on the original date of the brunch, after hours of preparation the day before, the church was flooded by a huge thunderstorm overnight.  Nor that the other lady I was working with had to attend a wedding in Minnesota over the week of the new brunch date.  I was a ball of stress, literally lying awake at night thinking of quiches and nametags and fall-colored napkins.  It’s just not my scene.  By God’s grace, and the invaluable help of 1. My mom and 2.  Our ever-faithful church property-manager/facilitation-engineer/awesome-at-everything-and-super-duper-helpful-to-have-around guy (what is Norm’s official title?), it all came together, and though numbers were low, it was a lovely morning and I think those who came were blessed.
  • On Friday, my precious Great Aunt June (aka Junie the Original, since I get hate mail when I call her “Big Junie”) was admittted to the hospital after suffering a prolonged dizzy spell at the grocery store.  She was there until today when she was transferred to a rehab facility to rebuild the strength in her heart.  A million and one tests showed essentially, that there is nothing wrong with her, yet she has been in poor health for years.  Please pray this extended time of recovery will yield some answers that will improve her quality of life.  We intend to have her around for a lot more years, and we’d like her back to full steam so that she can enjoy them.
  • In happier news, I had a “Surprise Boy Shower” on Saturday!  Who knew?!  (Did you know?)  We are now completely kitted out for a little five-year-old boy to move into our lives.  We have matchbox cars and nerf footballs and legos and even some little boy undies.  What a blessing to be surrounded by so many amazing friends and family. Although I know lots of people were involved in pulling it off, I have to especially thank my very-best-friend-since-kindergarten Mary who relentlessly spearheaded the whole shindig, my dear friend Cindy for mobilizing the church army, and again, of course, my mom, who couldn’t utter a word last week about being way too busy to help me with my brunch crisis and didn’t.  I love you all so much!
  • Megan was here this weekend!  Second only to the surprise of the shower itself, was the wonderful moment when Megan, who drove up from Maryland for the occasion, appeared next to my chair.  She stayed until dinnertime on Sunday.  We crocheted and talked names; it was marvelous.  She was sadly on the wrong end of the camera all weekend, but I do have photographic evidence of her visit in the form of a new dress for the doll she made Pippa for her 4th birthday.  So thankful for our impromptu visit, friend!

On the adoption front, things are finally moving again!  We believe courts have reopened in Little Man’s country, but we’ve heard they will not be giving dates to adoption cases until October.  That’s soon enough, as we are now scrambling to get our medical and criminal checks updated (re-notarized and re-apostilled, naturally!) and have them waiting there with the rest of our paperwork for our court date to be assigned.  We don’t need to be there for court, but please pray we get “a good judge”, as we have heard there are a few who tend to drag the process out as much as possible.  After court, there is about a month of paperwork to be done before LM is ready to come home.  It still seems a long way off, but having a whole houseful of boy clothes and toys sure makes it a lot more real!

Good.  Now we’re all caught up and I can resume blogging about life more-or-less as it happens.  That is, until things get *really* busy!




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  1. I’m working on a blog post, and went to my blogger dashboard – (wow, I sound like I know what I’m talking about with this blogging stuff – Ha!) and saw this. So happy your ladies’ brunch and shower went well and that I’m somewhat caught up with your life. You can’t lose trouper status, Jodi! You’re amazing! I’ve never seen someone unflinchingly make so many bathroom runs 🙂 Let’s Skype soon!

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