Thirty-One and One Day

Happy ever-so-slightly-belated Birthday to Mary!

We had a blast on Saturday evening celebrating Mary’s birthday with her and Duncan, her mom, four of five older brothers and Erica and Aidan.  Having been to another more kid-targeted party the same afternoon, we worried the girls might not hold up that well for the evening grown-up do.  Little did we know there would be a little friend there as well as huge mounds of new mulch to play in and specially chosen library books for the occasion.  There were even party favors – thanks Mrs. Magee! A fabulous time was had by all.

Mary and I have been best friends since we were five.  Neither of us had sisters (I didn’t get any until I was 15, and she was overrun with brothers), so we were the closest thing each other had, and I daresay we enjoyed each other more than many real sisters do!

So, in honor of Mary’s big 3-1 celebration, I present to you my top 1-3 things I love about her:

  • She loves books and the library.  I want my kids to hang out with her a lot just to absorb this quality.
  • She babysits for us!  Only a couple of people are brave enough to take the girls for the evening and let us go out *before* the girls are in bed.  Mary and Duncan are among them.  You guys are so great!
  • She threw me a surprise baby shower… in Scotland!  This girl rallied my Scottish friends who knew nothing of this crazy American notion of baby showers behind my back, and then flew over to attend the party.  She even threw me a decoy party with just the two of us a few days beforehand so that I would be really surprised.  And I totally was!
  • She also flew over (help me here, Mare) three (?) other times, including the time when she single-handedly prepared Thanksgiving dinner in my tiny apartment with none of the appropriate cooking instruments and a frozen solid turkey, while I was at work all day (imagine them not giving me Thanksgiving off!)
  • She lost about 70 lbs (maybe more?  I’ve lost count.)  Are you applauding?  I am so proud of her!
  • She’s making me walk sixty miles with her for Breast Cancer in October.  Are you booing?  (No.  Just kidding. She’s not really making me.  By the way, I’m still waaay a bit low in the sponsorship department.  Do you see that big hot pink button in my side bar???)
  • She is a self-esteem guru.  Mary sends herself flowers every year on her birthday, because she deserves them.  I love it!
  • She whisked me away last year to Lancaster to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  This is us sitting at “the kids’ table” at our B & B.  It was so totally fun, even though I was seven months pregnant.

  • She wore pants under her dresses when we were in kindergarten.  She was the most adorable girl I had ever seen.  After kindergarten she went to Catholic school and had to wear dark green tights.  Those might have been even cuter.  I was totally jealous.
  • She remained my friend even though I cried when we were six and she got her first Cabbage Patch Kid (a preemie) because I was so jealous.   I already had two Cabbage Patch Kids.  They were not Preemies.  Once again, not my finest moment.

  • When something strikes her funny, she laughs until she cries.  Like the time my mom did my laundry for me while they were visiting me at college.  It wasn’t that funny.
  • She’s been faithful to me through the years even when I haven’t been the best friend to her.
  • She’s been there forever, and I think she will be there forever to come.

I love you, Mary!  Happy Birthday!

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  1. Jodi,
    Than you for your wonderful post. I feel so honored having apost dedicated. I won’t tell my mom you put her picture on the web (She hates her picture taken.
    As always, you continue and will always be my best friend

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