Wordless Wednesday: Future Grovers?

In honor of my latest photo submission to my alumni magazine, here’s a glimpse of all three of our girls sporting their GCC shirts. Can you tell who’s who ? (Even their Daddy admits he has to use the furniture for context!)

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Oh, and one other little piece of bloggy business: I entered this post in my first ever blog contest, Scribbit’s June Write-Away.  It’s not my favorite post ever, but it fit the topic of “Going Places” pretty well, so I thought, ‘Why not?’

15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Future Grovers?

  1. I can totally tell! But I hear that I’m exceptionally good at identifying your babies. 🙂

  2. Oh they are all so cute in their individual baby ways. I love that you have the same pic of each little baby girl! Too cute!

  3. Look at all those little cuties!

    Good luck on the Write-Away contest. I made runner-up in one Write-Away contest, and that was cool!

  4. Hey, Jodi!

    Nope….you weren’t mis-diagnosed…it’s definitely the F (Feeling) that makes us both thrive on praise.

    If you do a post on this, I’ll be very interested to read it!

    Feelers often:

    Decide based on their values & feelings
    Appear warm and friendly
    Are most convinced by how they feel
    Are diplomatic and tactful
    Value harmony and compassion
    Take many things personally
    Are quick to compliment others
    Are motivated by appreciation
    Avoid arguments and conflicts

  5. I could tell right away. I will cry if im wrong but i think. (p,r,b) top to bottom. Jodi can you even believe im commenting i think i deserve my own blog for this!

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