Only Child for a Day


Look at this sweet girl! Is she happy to have her mommy to herself for the day or what? I’m pretty sure Bea and I have not had the better part of a day to ourselves like we did today since we were in the hospital after her birth (and this was *way* better than that!). It was delightful. We went to the produce store. (They have no carts there, so going there with all three? Not happening.) We went to Target and took our time browsing before deciding on anything. I even tried things on!  The best part was that she was smiling and chatting to me from the cart the whole time.  She always does, but today I could actually pay attention to her because I wasn’t busy keeping Ro from taking her socks and shoes off, or reminding Pippa to use her inside voice as she runs down the aisles singing her very own lyrics to the tune of Jesus Loves Me (“This is my song, Mommy.  I wrote on it myself!”).  I really do enjoy taking all of them out, but today was just… ahh… nice.

Thanks to DebbieMum for looking after the munchkins today.  I’m pretty sure they had the best day ever, judging by how quickly they fell asleep tonight!

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