Wordless Wednesday: Keeping Cool

Perhaps our love-hate relationship with air-conditioning requires a post of its own, but for now, this photo pretty well sums up our sentiments on the matter.

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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Keeping Cool

  1. We have had hot weather too. A fan is such a good thing. I remember loving to hear my voice as I talked into one of these.

  2. I have the Philadelphia weather on my Ipod so have been seeing that it is really really hot with you guys just now. I am not surprised Bea is loving the fan. She is looking so grown up, and her hair is gorgeous.

  3. Have they discovered what happens when you talk into the fan yet? Can’t do THAT with an air conditioner!

  4. So cute!

    I try not to run my air either … except during this really hot spell, it quit. My neighbor is a heating and cooling guy so he dug around looking at it for a while and it started! Now I’m scared to turn it off! I’ve just been keeping it at 80 and turning it way up and opening the windows when convenient. I hope I can pay the bill when it comes!

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