Wordless Wednesday: Extreme Sleeping

For the most part, my girls are all very sensible sleepers who fall asleep only in their beds at appropriate times.  Except for this one.

Romilly has always been our adventurous sleeper.  As a toddler, we often found her during naptime sleeping on the floor, half on the floor, in her closet, in the laundry basket… once she even pulled open and emptied a bottom drawer and curled up in it.  All true, and I have photos to prove most of it.

Well, at four years old, she’s back up to her old tricks, and has fallen asleep just like this at the bottom of the steps with her beloved “seek-a-deek” (read: ratty, horrible sleeping bag that she’s had since she was a year old and cannot be away from for more than a few hours at a time)  twice in the last couple of weeks.  And when she does, she cannot be awakened, indeed, in the case of this photo, not even for dinner!

Funny, funny girl.

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