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I’ve been needing to share these beauties with you for over a week now, but it’s been a super busy over-a-week, so I know you understand. One of my favorites blogs, Oh Amanda, co-hosted a baby present swap for anyone who is expecting or has a baby under one (I fall into the *second* category. Only.) I ummed and ahed about whether to join or not, and finally jumped in at the last minute when they ended up with an odd number. I was awfully glad I did, because, as Providence would have it, I got Amanda herself in the random partner draw. So fun!

Then, while Lindsay and Sarah were visiting, this adorable package arrived in the mail, containing these scrumptious presents. I almost didn’t want to open them. Almost.

The rules of the swap required three gifts: a wearable, a keepsake-y and a must-have. This is what Amanda sent us.

The wearable. A whole “Bee” theme set of Burt’s Bees Baby supplies: toothpaste, lotion, shampoo and more plus the cutest little comb with a bee on it. Love it. Pippa enjoyed cutting play-do with the comb, too (oops!) but it cleaned up nicely and she knows now that that’s not what combs are for. (They do add a nice textured effect to it… but, no.)

The keepsake-y. A wooden “B” for her room. It’s so sweet and sunny and I can’t wait to hang it get Trevor to hang it above her crib. Love it, too.

The must-have. The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. This book is amazing. Although we have probably a half a dozen different children’s Bible story books, this is the one Trevor consistently reads the girls at bedtime. But. We already had it. This would kind of have been a bummer, had Linz not just asked me the night before the package arrived if we could go to a Christian book store sometime while they were here to try to find herself a copy of it. Providence again! With Amanda’s permission, Linz took the spare book home with her, and we ordered this DVD instead at her recommendation.  It was like our own little mini-swap!

We’re pretty sure we’re going to love it, since Linz already introduced the girls to one of the songs on it, called Rainbow. Take a look: (Can you tell she’s in children’s ministry???)

(Oh, and do you see the Just-for-fun? Bubbles for the big girls. They love them!)

All things told, this package was wonderfully fun and thoughtful.  Thank you so much, Amanda and Lydia, for being our swap buddies!

You can check out what I sent for Amanda’s little man (arriving in a few months) here at her blog.

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