Free Chikin!

cad_main_cowThanks to a timely tip from a dear bloggy friend (at four o’clock this afternoon!), our gang enjoyed a lovely meal at Chik-Fil-A tonight… for absolutely nothing!

It might be too late to get in on it this year, but mark your calendars for next July 10 (or perhaps the nearest Friday?): it’s Cow Appreciation Day!  In honor of this important event, Chik-Fil-A  gives a free entree to anyone wearing *anything* in cowprint and a whole free meal to anyone dressed head to toe as a cow.  Well, if you know our family at all, you know which option we went for.

By the way, don’t forget, Chipotle’s big Halloween dress-like-a-burrito night is coming around again soon!

5 thoughts on “Free Chikin!

  1. LOVE this!!!! What a great family memory. So does that justify a little splurge on proper baby wipes then?

  2. Oh my gracious! Is that Junie dressed like a cow, too?! How CUTE!!!! Everyone looks as sweet as they can be! Fun, fun, fun! Some friends at church did this today – I’m hoping they took pictures!

  3. LOVE IT! Wow, you whipped that one together fast! And very very adorable!!

    (I LOVE the chipotle one! I haven’t done it yet. Maybe next year…)

    (Jodi, you make me smile!!)

  4. This is fabulous and really really cute. Good times had by all it appears … 🙂

    But maybe you and I should chat about why you should never patronize Chipotle? They are completely against conventional agriculture and without it, we can never feed the world. They are, in that way, against humanitarian efforts and that makes me very angry. Just needed to say my piece.

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