A Jolly Holly Day


This is me (center) raising a Shirley Temple with my  little cousins Holly and Michael at Easter circa 1987.  (If you feel like you’ve seen this picture before, you probably have.  It’s apparently the only picture I have of these two cousins, and I posted here about a year ago about being weirded out by my cousin Michael being all grown up and married and living around the corner from me.)

Delightfully, after years of only seeing each other at Christmas and Easter and not even always then, Holly has recently come back into my life.  Back in November, Holly had her first baby, a sweet little girl called Morgan, and suddenly, we have a lot more in common than just grandparents.

Today, Holly and I and all our collective girls spent a gorgeous 70-something-degree day at the park, chatting and drinking coffee.

img_3651 img_3656

img_3662 img_3471

It is a wonderful blessing to find that you actually like the people in your family.  Of course you love them, but to enjoy spending time with them is not always a given.  I have loved getting to know the grown-up version of my “little cousin” and I am so excited for our little girls to grow up together!

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  1. You didn’t tell me that they had flying cars at the park – now I’ll have to go!

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