Uncle Adrian’s Epic Christmas Present

On one of Adrian’s first night’s here, we were looking at Christmas photos on his laptop when a photo folder titled “Names” caught my attention.

“Ooh, what’s this?” I asked him.

“Oh, you can look at those.  Go ahead,” he answered, all cool and casual-like, as if what I was about to see was no big deal at all.

What I found was photo after photo of my children’s names, all lovingly located on UK street signs, mostly in London.  He found every. single. one of them.  No photoshopping of any of the names (though Niko’s was a barber shop rather than a street sign).  Do you have any idea how much I love this?!

Uncle Adrian presented each of the kids with a lovely print of their name photo (I intend to frame them), but I felt that a trip to the craft store was also necessary in order to display them in their proper splendor.

Here are the results:

IMG_7518 IMG_7524 IMG_7527 IMG_7531


IMG_7534 IMG_7535 IMG_7539


Oh, how we are going to wear these shirts out.  I love them, love them, love them.

Wordless Wednesday: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

The little girls and I were blessed to have a two-day visit from Megan.  There was a lot of story-reading and chatting and popcorn and Christmas cake and oh, so much yarn!  Thanks for keeping us company, dear friend!

(Megan's a trouper. This is a looong book full of old British language. She never even flinched when the girls asked her to read it. Love her!)

(Extra bonus: Another installment of beautiful photographs of our girls. Sweet!)


I *Heart* Faces: Hilarious Outtakes

Outtakes?  Um, yeah.  We’ve got those.  Most of them involve either what you see below, or things that ought not to be shown on the internet for reasons of propriety.

This was a photo shoot we did in an effort to cheer on my best friend Mary when she walked the Breast Cancer 3-Day in San Francisco this year.  Love all the faces in this one (all those you can see, at least.)

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I *Heart* Faces: “Pets Only!”

button - photochallenge1

I tried to catch a new shot of  our wee man this week for I *Heart* Faces’ weekly photo challenge, but he wasn’t all that cooperative, so I took a stroll through the archives and found this sweet memory.

Our flat in Scotland had a mail slot right through the door.  Every day that Gulliver and I were at home together when the post arrived, it was a race to the door when we heard the postman coming.  On this day, he won.  Here he is guarding the spoils.


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I Heart Faces: We Heart Tooshies

button - photochallenge1

I am not a photographer, and I have enough people in my life who *are* photographers (Megan, I’m looking at you!)  both to keep me humble and to keep me in cute pictures of my kiddos.  Every once in a while though, I catch a glimpse of the potential, even with a cheapish point-and-shoot camera like ours.

This was one of those pictures, and it happens to fit perfectly with this week’s theme on a blog that I’ve been fascinated by for a number of weeks now.

I ? Faces hosts a weekly photography contest usually on a theme related to faces, which is, of course, my favorite thing in the world to take a picture of anyway.  I don’t know if I’ll be entering regularly or not.  It could become an addiction.


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