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We go to Carrubbers Christian Centre in the middle of Edinburgh.  We help at the One Way Club there every Friday night for primary-school aged children.

The study of Creation History holds particular interest for me.  This is a way of showing how secular historical records agree with the Biblical record of descent from Noah and his family.  Information on this topic can be found at Anno Mundi.  Another interesting site of interest is s8int.

I also frequent, along with every other Christian in the world, for looking up Bible passages, Christian Classics Ethereal Library for (can you guess?) Christian Classics, Crosswalk for Christian movie reviews, and Christian Answers for more movie stuff and Guide2Games for Christian game reviews.

Although I can't agree with everything that he says, Arthur Cunstance has some interesting thoughts.  As does Lambert Dolphin

I'm also rather perplexed by Geocentricity, see also Fixed Earth (not surprisingly some rather dodgy theology here).

Probably my most visited website (other than Google and BBC News I suppose), is Tintinologist.  Not much to say about it, other than that it probably isn't that interesting if you aren't into Tintin, and if not why not?

Because we live in Scotland, there's nothing that I like better than going places in Scotland, and the best website that I have found for helping with this is Undiscovered Scotland.  And before Pippa was born, we used to enjoy (?) a spot of Munro-bagging, for which Munro Magic was very useful.  And of course Multimap is essential too.